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spring replacement

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Wouldn’t it be nice if owning a garage door was simple? It is frustrating dealing with problems that can spring out of nowhere, especially the headache broken garage door springs can be. Most standard torsion springs are rated for 10,000 cycles or 10 years, whichever comes first. The torsion springs allows the garage door to function smoothly and properly. The tremendous tension that the spring is under, which is why springs are very dangerous to be around, is what allows the garage door to operate. This is why it is recommended to replace both springs when only one is broken.


No matter you “handyman” skills, spring replacement for garage doors are dangerous and can be extremely dangerous when they are broken. Be VERY aware of that. It is always recommended to have a professional to deal with this problem to avoid serious injuries.


The most important thing to remember is STAY CALM. A broken spring is frustrating and stressful to deal with, and panicking can only cause more harm than good.

Garage Door Spring Repair

DON’T FORCE THE DOOR OPEN OR CLOSE: Doors are heavy (weighing up to 500 lbs). To avoid injury, it is best to leave it be.

LEAVE OPENER ENGAGED: If the door is open, the opener’s arm may be the only thing holding the garage door open. Disengaging the arm could cause the door to come slamming down.

CALL A PROFESSIONAL: While the internet can provide a vast amount of articles and videos showing you how to handle this project, be aware this is a very risky and dangerous project.

CALL WORK: You don’t want to upset your boss or manager. Considering the situation, a quick call to your employer to let them know you will be a little late.

CALL Fidelity Garage Doors: Our professional experienced garage repair service technicians will arrive at your home, diagnose your situation, and provide a cost effective solution in a timely manner. We are available for you 24-hours a day/7-days a week for your emergency garage service repair and spring replacement convenience.

GRAB A CUP OF JOE: Read the paper, visit your social media sites, or sit down and kick your feet up to a movie or the television and relax. Fidelity Garage Doors is on the way.

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